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About Us

Cherrylee is a Leader in Me School, where our belief is that every student is a leader. As leaders, students become active and engaged partners in their own education, resulting in student growth in self-confidence, taking initiative and responsibility for their own learning.

Cherrylee School consists of a family of teachers, administrators, parents, students and community members who all share the same mission: to facilitate through education competent, confident, motivated individuals who will contribute to society as responsible citizens. Our belief is that all students are leaders and can learn and are entitled to a positive, quality program through shared decision-making that meets the diverse educational needs of our students and prepares them for the challenges of a dynamic, democratic society.

We are proud of our students, staff and parents who work so hard to make Cherrylee School not only a place where one receives a high-quality education, but also a place where one feels valued and cared for as an individual.

Cherrylee School Mission Statement

At Cherrylee, we are developing compassionate leaders, preparing  for the 21st Century global community.


Collaborate and

Help each other diligently with

Integrity to

Exceed expectations while

Fearlessly taking risks and

Striving for excellence

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